Welcome to the website of Timber Sector Platform Suriname

zaagThe Timber Sector Platform Suriname (PHS) was established in July 2001 by the Surinamese forest industry.  The aim of the platform is to provide its own positive contribution to the further development of the Surinamese forest industry; one the one hand by initiating sectoral development, on the other hand by providing a clear forum for constructive negotiations with the Surinamese government and international parties.


On this site you will find information about the work of the Platform, legislation on the forest sector, and news about the timber industry.

Sustainable forest use is the subject of the second part of this site.
All the information needed to create a fully sustainable process of utilization and also how to obtain  certification, can be found under the menu items:

  • The treasury of Suriname
  • Sustainable forest
  • International recognition
  • Forest Management Certification
  • Certification trade chain
  • Timber

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